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In One Click, Navigate The Archive Of Your SEO Website Versions With Botify's New Comparison Feature

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May 17, 2018
The Botify Team

Our mission at Botify is to give SEO stakeholders the data, tools, and diagnostics necessary to create and maintain high quality digital assets for search engines, impacting every stage of the organic search process.SEOs need a solution that can analyze all the changes on their websites - wanted or not - that impact their SEO performance across all time periods. A static snapshot is just not enough! SEOs need to know the data of their websites and URLs exactly as they were in the past to make meaningful comparisons.Botify's new comparison feature does just that! It allows SEOs to navigate and compare their entire archive of SEO projects. SEOs can instantly analyze the changes therein for any SEO KPI or URL and even retrieve the HTML code when it was crawled. Discover how it works!##

No More Guesswork - Get Instant Answers and Validations

Botify's new comparison capabilities allow SEOs to instantly compare any Botify KPI with that of a past analysis. Whether the change was enacted one week ago, one month ago, or one year ago, our comparison feature dynamically renders instant analysis of the changes between any two Botify crawls or KPIs of your choice.Immediately compare any data point between two Botify analyses, from the biggest top level reports, to the most granular, specific KPIs. Botify's crawl comparison is the most detailed - and only - solution that can reveal how any facet of a website has changed for the better... or for the worse.Our customers will create their own use cases. But some important uses of this new feature at both the URL and site segment level include the ability to:

  • Pinpoint traffic declines between periods to discover the active pages that show a decreasing number of visits over time.
  • Identify the number of added or disappeared pages within a section or sub-section of a website.
  • Control if a URL or a group of of URLs went from non-indexable to indexable status - or the opposite way!
  • Compare the HTML code between two versions of the same webpage.
  • Confirm the implementation of your canonical strategy at the URL level.
  • Identify if Google is crawling strategic pages more or less frequently.
  • Check URLs before & after content optimizations (navigation template part, number of words per page, & content similarity)
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of optimizations on page speed.
  • Control the number of pages blocked by robots.txt.
  • Analyze the number of links on a page before & after a structural optimization.
  • And many more!


Botify's New Comparison Feature is Unique in Scope, Speed, and Interactivity. Discover Why!

Botify's comparison feature is entirely unique in its scope, speed and interactivity. We offer capacities that make us a multi-award winning application, and an entirely new standard in the industry:

  • The feature enables comparisons between periods for which you have performed crawls within Botify. Identify long-term trends.
  • Comparisons are dynamic and instantaneous, working for all Botify reports and the entirety of URL Explorer.
  • Botify's comparison feature eliminates the need to recrawl or reanalyze to capture site changes.
  • Compare any of the hundreds of content, ranking, and technical SEO KPIs that Botify tracks per page.
  • Use Botify's comparison feature with Metrics Tables and Custom Reports for the most complete and comprehensive view of site changes over time.
  • Even retrieve the HTML code for each analyzed page!#No More Locked Doors! See the Full Story of All SEO Website Versions with Botify's Comparison Feature

Botify contains dynamic archives of our customers' websites, allowing our users to navigate, compare, and analyze all their SEO projects, websites and URLs in a matter of clicks. Botify customers can even retrieve the HTML code of a page crawled months before.No more guesswork! Botify's new comparison feature eliminates all uncertainty about what impact SEO projects have on digital assets.Progress your SEO projects more quickly, and communicate more efficiently, using Botify's new comparison feature!

Want to learn more? Connect with our team for a Botify demo!
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