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Your Pages Now Have A “Face” In The Botify Report

Your Pages Now Have a ‚ÄòFace’ in the Botify Report

3rd July 2014AnnabelleAnnabelle

It’s just a little tweak in the interface, but… we like it! The Botify report now has its own little rich snippet for URLs. It shows:

  • The page’s main image
  • The page title

It’s easier to understand right away what pages are about in URLs lists. You can also include the main image’s URL in data exports.

The main image comes from the page’s (Open Graph) image meta tag, if there is one – in other words, if your pages include Open Graph metadata, as the image is a required property.

What does it look like in the Botify report?

The main image appears as a thumbnail when urls are listed. The page title appears in bold above the url.

Botify report url list with main image and title

The main image also appears in the right panel that opens up to show a page’s details when you click on a url:

Botify report page details with main image

Exporting the main image with the URL Explorer

As all data is accessible in the URL Explorer, you can add a column for the main image.

The image is displayed in the results table, but the underlying data is the image’s url: when you export your selected data, you will get the main image’s url in the CSV table.

Botify URL Explorer list with main image

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