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Top 10 Botify Features You Didn’t Know About

Top 10 Botify Features You Didn’t Know About

17th November 2017Kevin BartleyKevin Bartley

SEO platforms talk a lot about important topics, such as increasing organic traffic, upping conversion rates, and driving revenue. But what about making your life easier, at every step of the way? Isn’t that an important consideration? The way your SEO platform values your peace of mind could mean the difference between getting home early for dinner, or waiting all night for a crawl to complete.

Not every SEO platform is up to the task. Botify strives to deliver not only awesome ROI, but also a user experience that anticipates and exceeds the real needs of the SEOs who use our platform. That’s why our platform features enable both dramatic SEO gains and ease of use. It’s the best of both world’s philosophy. We want our customers to have giant ROI paired with a time-saving, efficiency-increasing user experience.

Our lesser known features don’t get as much airtime, but they deliver big results, all while improving the user experience. With that in mind, here are the top 10 Botify features you didn’t know about, and the benefits they offer our customers.

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1. Busy? Speed things up by changing crawl speed.


Botify’s crawl speed is customizable, clocking in at up to 250 pages per second for verified websites. This increased speed is helpful to SEOs who want to skip the waiting and get right to the SEO analysis.

As an example, imagine if your site had 5 million pages. If your platform crawled at 3 pages per second, the job would take 463 hours (about 19.3 days) to complete. In contrast, crawling at 250 pages would finish the job in just 5.5 hours.

That means you just gained 457 hours of your life back.

2. Streamline Commands with keyboard shortcuts.


The right keyboard shortcut can make life a lot easier. That’s why we added our command-click shortcut for the charts in Botify. Holding command and clicking on a chart section automatically adds those URLs to the report filter. That means you can isolate and examine these URLs as a group just by clicking on a portion of the chart.

3. Immediately identify changes in KPIs with report differences.


Botify’s differences filters calculate changes between the current crawl and the last crawl for the metrics you choose. That allows you to easily see how key metrics such as visits, impressions, crawls, decrease in internal links, and many other SEO indicators have recently changed, alerting you to potential growing issues or opportunities.

You can also tie these metrical differences to broader SEO indicators, such as inlinks, page depth, load time, and other technical issues that can hamper page performance. This allows you to understand if or how technical SEO is contributing to performance fluctuations on your pages.

4. Discover, crawl, and audit AMP pages with Botify’s follow rules.


For large websites, the task of confirming successful AMP page deployment is sometimes a project unto itself. Botify, however, can both discover and crawl AMP pages. This allows you to actually audit your AMP pages with Botify’s 350+ technical SEO KPIs.

See how metrics vary between structural pages and corresponding AMP pages, such as number of visits, number of impressions, rankings, and other SEO indicators. Confirm the success of your AMP page deployment and monitor AMP pages for fluctuations and issues.

5. Keep your website secure by crawling with static IP.


Some websites block crawlers, scanners, and other IP addresses for security reasons. Botify allows you to crawl your website from a static IP address, so you can whitelist the crawler’s IP address without having to disrupt your website’s security deployment. This is convenient not just for SEOs, but also for any team member who’s responsible for website security.

6. See the evolution of a page with Historical HTML.


Webpages and site factors change, but Historical HTML lets you to view the HTML source code for all of the pages that you’ve crawled. The source code is preserved the moment a page is crawled.

The feature acts as a historical footprint of a website’s HTML code and allows SEOs to engage in closer examinations of technical SEO properties and page evolutions over time. Additionally, historical HTML makes it easier to find and isolate structural problems within websites.

7. Spot check your SEO with the Botify Chrome plugin.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 10.30.17 AM

Botify’s Google Chrome plugin displays key SEO information for webpages as you browse them. This allows you to see SEO indicators, for pages that you’ve already crawled, right within your Chrome browser.

The Botify Chrome plugin displays HTTP codes, page depth, incoming links, outgoing links, canonicals, visits volume, and much more. Now, when you’re browsing your website, you can keep an eye on key SEO indicators for pages that you’re curious about, alerting you to any potential issues on the site.

8. Use custom extraction rules to analyze critical pieces of source code at scale.


HTML extract allows you to extract a custom field from the source code of your pages, and display the results in your analysis. By adding your own custom extraction rules, you can crawl all of your pages for specific snippets of HTML code, and return variable values such as:

  • Product prices
  • In-stock volume
  • Number of comments in blog posts
  • Results count in internal search results page

HTML extract makes scaled analysis of critical HTML elements possible. Use the power of Botify’s crawler to extract information that would otherwise be prohibitively time-consuming to compile.


With metrics tables, Botify has reconciled 350+ technical SEO KPIs with fully customizable and contextualized reports. Metrics tables allow you to get all the metrics you want in the same report, so you can easily understand the relationships between SEO indicators, such as how organic visits are affected by structural markers like average depth, number of inlinks, and percentage of internal pagerank.

Say goodbye to static reporting, and say hello to unique KPI pairings that reveal incisive and unique SEO trends over time. Pair current data with previous crawls to generate trend lines that focus on the critical metrics related to your SEO strategy. This alerts you to changes in the metrics that matter, so you can quickly spot trends that are important to you to your success.

10. Get the full picture with Enterprise Advanced Exports.


If you’re looking to dig further into your site’s SEO, you’re going to want the full picture. That’s why Enterprise Advanced Exports makes life easier for SEOs working on large sites who want to dive into unadulterated data.

Enterprise Advanced Exports allow Botify users to export unlimited data in Custom Reports via Amazon S3. This is helpful for large sites as it gives users access to hundreds of millions of data points per Custom Report.

Our Question: How Can We Make Your Life Easier?

The 10 features we discussed in this blog can have a serious impact on the successes of your SEO campaigns. They will also improve your experience with real, tangible benefits that help make your life easier. Whether it’s saved time, increased efficiency, or improved security, the benefits of these features are designed to accommodate the busy SEOs who use our platform.

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