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Introducing Botify's New Visits Report: Unmatched AMP & Multi-Device Traffic Analysis, Tied To Real Ranking Signals

 min read
February 1, 2018
The Botify Team

Organic visits are the pinnacle performance validator for most SEO strategies. But even in a mobile-first world, where search sophistication has increased exponentially of late, organic visits are still often treated as black and white countables. Traffic is a complex metric that needs to be evaluated on several dimensions.With revolutionary visibility, our new Visits Report is a comprehensive solution that captures the many facets of traffic, delivering AMP and multi-device metrics, visits quality KPIs, the impact of content, and the influence of technical SEO all on the same axis.Visits Report reorients the frontier of visits data and makes you rethink the way you've been looking at your organic traffic!

Mobile Mastery: Unlock Granular AMP & Multi-Device Insights in Visits Report

Visits Report delivers AMP & multi-device traffic insights with unmatched interconnectivity between key SEO indicators. Uncover active (traffic-generating) pages, average session duration, load time, and more, all separated by device. Evaluate metrics by segment to see the devices visitors are using when they visit certain sections on your site.Compare AMP performance side-by-side with mobile visits. Understand how your AMP pages factor into visits volume overall and by segment. Measure bounce rates of AMP pages and session duration.Visits Report enables you to use these key AMP & multi-device metrics to get a clear view into how your users are interacting with your site. Optimize your site, bolster your users' experience, create accessible content, and identify key technical and content optimizations based on these insights to maximize visits.

Monitor Content Quality to Understand How Your Priorities Are Paying Off

Visits Report directly ties organic visits to content quality markers, at scale. Get an overhead view of how the quality of your content directly impacts your traffic by segment or across your site. Understand how content size, content duplication, and page title and h1 tag uniqueness effect visits distribution and your site's number of active URLs.

Visits Report: Evaluating the Quality of Your Visits Is Made Easy

Visits Report takes traffic several steps beyond standard analytics tools by contextualizing organic visits with quality markers. Just how valuable did visitors find your content? Dive into visits quality through bounce rate by device, bounce rate distribution, and session duration.These content quality metrics predict conversion rate success and help immensely with content production and optimization. Google also uses these metrics as ranking signals. With Visits Report, you can finally understand how content quality impacts your traffic.

Come Full Circle: Combine Visits & Technical SEO to Optimize the Entire Organic Search Process

Visits Report automatically ties technical SEO markers such as depth, internal pagerank, compliance, and many more, to visits data. This allows you to understand the interlinking between these crucial technical metrics and how they affect visits and performance.Understand the impact of inlinks on visits. Evaluate internal pagerank, page depth, and load time alongside key content and device metrics. Frame technical indicators as functions of active pages and visits distributions. Tie visits to page speed for AMP/mobile traffic and gain insight into the mobile speed ranking signal.By tying visits directly to technical SEO, Visits Report brings the organic search process full circle. Here, in one dashboard, are the primary metrics that determine the success of your visits strategy, from start to finish.

Visits Report: Radically Reorient Your Understanding of Traffic Across Devices, and Tie Back to Ranking Signals

Visits Report is the only solution that illuminates how content and technical SEO directly impact visits performance.This new report enables you to understand the full scope of your traffic, by device and for AMP pages. Finally measure the impact of content quality on visitor behavior and the influence of technical SEO on your traffic. By tying together real contextual, quality, and technical markers, Visits Report reorients the frontier of visits data.Gain unbeatable insights that shape your high level SEO optimizations and content strategy. Try Visits Report now!

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