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Botify Launches on Google Cloud Marketplace, Strengthening Strategic Partnership

Botify is proud to announce the expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud, becoming the first enterprise SEO platform available on the Google Cloud Marketplace

This exciting new milestone makes it even easier for Google Cloud customers to procure and deploy Botify’s organic search solutions, maximizing their existing investment in Google Cloud. Furthermore, the combined power of Botify and Google Cloud unlocks even more opportunities for enterprises to drive sustainable online traffic and revenue growth from organic search. Check out Botify’s Google Cloud marketplace listing.

Ten years of collaboration

Botify’s partnership with Google goes back more than a decade. Since its founding in 2012, Botify has been leveraging Google Cloud’s data warehouse, BigQuery, to store, parse, and analyze all of its customers’ critical search data. Today, Botify analyzes more than five petabytes of data a month (i.e. A LOT) through BigQuery with unmatched speed and efficiency, making it fundamental to Botify’s ability to deliver real-time insights to customers. 

In 2019, Botify took this partnership to the next level by launching its integration with Looker, the enterprise business intelligence platform now part of Google Cloud. By surfacing data from Botify within Looker dashboards, SEOs can more easily present organic search data to stakeholders for more informed decision making and enable a more holistic view of performance across channels. 

Today, Botify is available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, acknowledging the demand from development and IT leaders for more agility in adopting new technologies. In fact, according to a study commissioned by Forrester, more than 75% of development and IT leaders are interested in using cloud marketplaces to procure and provision new apps and services across categories. 

Bridging the gap between the CTO and the CMO

The success of SEO has almost always relied heavily on development teams working in lock-step with marketers in order to make the website optimizations that promise a better experience for search engines and more traffic from users. But with limited IT time and resources, and the pace at which technology evolves and online content proliferates, it’s more imperative than ever to create efficiency through automation. 

With Botify Activation, SEOs are able to loosen their dependency on tech resources and automate the implementation of SEO optimizations. Botify Activation’s marquee product, SpeedWorkers, solves a prevalent challenge faced by today’s search marketers: seemingly infinite content limiting search engines’ capacity to crawl tens or hundreds of millions of pages on a given site, especially those rich in JavaScript. This limited capacity means search engines are missing a lot of critical content on enterprise sites, translating into missed revenue for brands. 

In the past, overcoming this challenge required deployment and maintenance of resource-heavy server-side rendering or suboptimal client-side rendering. Botify SpeedWorkers alleviates that burden by delivering the most bot-friendly version of a website to search engines, allowing them to discover significantly more of it, faster and more efficiently.  What’s more, there is no development or maintenance required, so instead of focusing on optimizing their websites for search engine bots, IT teams can put more time and energy toward creating the most optimal and engaging user experience, generating more productivity across both teams. 

Botify & Google Cloud: transforming the digital experience, together

Critical to providing an ideal consumer experience is having the opportunity to do so in the first place. This means showing up – being found at the right moments when consumers are seeking answers, inspiration, and information.

Discoverability in search results, however, starts with a search engine’s ability to crawl and render all of the content on a given site. Using Botify, many of the world’s largest brands gain a complete understanding of their website performance in search, empowering them with the data and insights to make sure their most powerful digital asset – their website – is performing at its peak, attracting intent-based traffic, and driving maximum ROI. 

We strive to help brands transform their digital presence into powerful and efficient engines for traffic, sales, and sustainable revenue growth and this all starts with discoverability.

Adrien Menard, Co-Founder & CEO of Botify

Google Cloud’s world-class suite of products, powered by the same infrastructure as the ubiquitous Search, Gmail, and YouTube, means customers are leveraging the most innovative solutions to create compelling, data-driven experiences for consumers. 

Together, Botify and Google Cloud help brands accelerate their digital strategies and create the most optimal digital experiences for both users and search engine bots. 

Digital privacy & the role of first-party data

This partnership comes at a pivotal time in the digital marketing industry. The rising costs of paid media, coupled with more stringent privacy protocols, are forcing marketers to reassess their investments. This shines a brighter light on organic search. Although an incredibly efficient and sustainable performance marketing channel, organic search has historically been a bit more nebulous than its paid counterpart and therefore has earned less of the budget.

While third-party data can be powerful, the volatility and impending ban of third-party tracking is reminding marketers of the opportunity to drive value from the breadth of data they own. Botify’s platform integrates the core first-party data sources enabling brands to build a sophisticated and comprehensive organic search strategy resilient to market forces, while also driving measurable, sustainable business results.

The ecosystem promise

Last but not least, this partnership underscores the commitment that both Botify and Google Cloud have made to continue to scale their individual ecosystems – to forge the strategic relationships that meet customers’ needs, deliver value and measurable outcomes, remove friction, and create platform flexibility.  

To learn more about Botify’s partnerships, and to express interest in becoming a partner, visit our Partners page. We’d love to hear from you!

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