Botify Partners

Botify is building a trusted, global community of complementary technology companies, strategic solution partners, and collaborative marketing partners to maximize and scale business growth for enterprise brands, not just in support of their SEO efforts, but their entire online marketing strategy.

SEO is both a horizontal and vertical function. Too many executives and people throughout the organization see SEO as vertical and so everyone considers it “the SEO team’s job.” In reality, SEO needs span across most roles and most technologies.

— Jessica Bowman, enterprise SEO consultant and author of The Executive SEO Playbook

Some partners include:

From search engines to business intelligence platforms to marketing agencies & consultancies, Botify partners are invested in innovation, collaboration, and success for modern marketing and commerce professionals.

Partner Categories

Botify partners fall into three categories: technology, solution, and marketing partners.

Technology Partners

Technology partners are software providers that integrate with the Botify platform to increase the value of a customer’s technology stack, create workflow efficiencies, and enable richer data for deeper insights that grow marketing ROI.

Solution Partners

Solution Partners are strategic consultancies, system integrators, and agencies that have expertise and/or services to help enterprise brands to build modern and holistic marketing strategies, implement and maintain a sophisticated technology infrastructure, and achieve meaningful, data-driven customer experiences that propel business growth.

Marketing Partners

Marketing partners are like-minded companies with complementary offerings and a shared desire to engage enterprise brands, create demand, and elevate visibility through co-marketing activities including events, webinars, content, and more.

Become a Partner
Whether you’re interested in becoming a solution partner, integrating with Botify, or simply want to explore co-marketing opportunities, we want to hear from you!