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We Are Live!

We are Live!

14th January 2014AnnabelleAnnabelle

Dear Traffic Managers, SEO Managers and Webmasters,

We’re very happy to announce the release of the new, market-ready version of Botify, which you can now access online. We’ve worked like dogs, but we got here, and we don’t mind saying we’re proud!

“What do you really know about your website?” That’s the question we thought would be the best way to introduce the concept of Botify.

Why ask this question? Because it’s a question which comes up all too often. We all know that any decision about optimizing digital marketing, particularly organic search engine rankings, should be based on precise and reliable “data.” But the reality is that there aren’t that many people who can produce quantifiable information or justify their decisions.

Botify will tell you everything you’ve always wanted to know about your site. For a very reasonable cost, and in just a few clicks, you’ll see what is already optimized and what still needs to be. And there’s no real limit (for the launch, the max pages per crawl is 1 million, but we’ll be raising that limit very soon in the future ; oh and by the way, if you are looking for log analyzing and unlimited crawls, please note that it’s exactly what our log analyzer¬†does, yet not in a Saas mode).

This new version of Botify is designed to be used like an online workspace, where you’ll be able to:

– launch crawls of your sites whenever you want, in order to extract the metadata to optimize,

– benefit from very helpful features like “suggested patterns” to discover areas for improvement or “url explorer” to dive into specific metadata concerning a specific url,

– optimize your site based on reports that you can access online.

No more excuses! You now have the power to get the information you need to increase your traffic and your revenues!

We’ve decided, for the time being, to make Botify an invitation-only service. We’re doing this to thank those who pre-registered from the very start. You showed an early interest in Botify, and we’re offering you first access to the service so you can test it for free (5,000 pages crawled for free). We’re sending out invitations to those who pre-registered in batches of 100. Don’t worry, if you haven’t received your invitation yet, it’ll be there any time now!

If you haven’t yet registered, it’s not a problem. Just request an invitation, and you’ll be added to our waiting list.

A few more words from Botify… This launch is obviously an important step for our startup, and we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked around the clock for months to get us where we are today. You guys rock!

And a huge thank you to our clients too, for placing your trust in us from the beginning and sharing this adventure with us! Our clients are fantastic! We <3 you!

This launch is a major step! But it’s only one step… There will be many more to come, and we’ll keep making improvements and gradually adding features to the application. There’s no shortage of ideas around here. Stay tuned! Of course, we would love to hear your thoughts about this new product. You are just a click away from Botify’s Twitter account and our Facebook page. Let’s meet there!

Enjoy your exploration of Botify, and we’ll see you back here soon.

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