Botify Analytics Is the World-Leading Cloud-Based Crawler

Discover Why.

Botify’s world leading crawling capacities give enterprise SEO teams the power to evaluate the structure and content of their website versions (AMP, mobile, desktop, canonical tags, etc...) like a search engine.

Perform the crawl you want with the unprecedented crawling and customization capacities of Botify Analytics: up to 50 million URLs per crawl and 250 URLs per second.

Crawl Like a Search Engine

Gain insights that directly mirror search engines' own explorations and analyses and harness our JavaScript crawl to ensure your JS elements are actually rendered by search engines.

Master Your Technical SEO

Gain complete control over the technical SEO factors that determine the crawlability and indexability of your content using the world's leading SEO crawler.

Build Assets Designed For Search Engines

Ensure strategic pages are easily accessible to search engine robots and correct important indicators like page depth, internal PageRank or broken links.

What Makes Botify Unique?
Impact Every Technical SEO Ranking Signal

Botify Analytics enables you to impact every single indicator that matters for technical SEO.

There's No Analysis You Can't Do

Personalize your crawl to meet your strategic needs with virtual robots.txt , HTML extraction, segmentation, canonicals... etc

Harness JavaScript-Rendered Analysis

Evaluate and optimize the impact your JavaScript elements have on crawling and indexation.

Generate Strategic Sitemaps

The Botify XML Sitemap Generator automatically generates proper and strategic sitemaps.

Discover why Botify Analytics is recognized as the world's leading crawling technology!
Crawl Smarter, Larger, Faster

Botify Analytics brings SEO crawlers into new territory. There’s no SEO scenario that’s not covered, and our capacities have no rivals. Judge for yourself: up to 50 million URLs per crawl, at 250 URLs per second.

Evaluate Your Website Like Search Engine Do

Botify crawls and analyzes your digital properties like a search engine does. Engage in total crawl accuracy with JavaScript-rendered analysis, real content quality, and multi-devices evaluation.

Complete and Total Customization

Botify enables total customization of analysis, and complete control over the analytics process. Generate custom reports, case-specific analyses, unlimited exports, and visualizations that matter for you.

Unmatched volume. Superior speed. See Botify's world leading crawler in action!
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Maximize the crawl of your most valuable pages (and discourage wasted crawl on pages that won't convert) to get found by search engine bots, indexed in results pages, and drive SEO traffic.

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