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The Enterprise-Grade SEO Platform for Travel Websites.

Travel industry SEO is highly competitive. Strong brands (including Google) dominate search results, with little room for inefficiencies.

Sites that win optimize internal links and ensure they have good landing pages where there is proven demand – but you need reliable and scalable data to do it right, so we built Botify.

How does Botify help travel industry SEOs?

Manage SEO

Automate crawling and monitoring of international content. Validate and track HREFLANG tag configurations to ensure the right users see the right pages at the right time.

Test & validate your SEO projects across markets

Compare automated crawls to verify and QA large-scale site changes across markets. Monitor search engine crawler behavior on specific page groups with log data.

Adapt your site to the
‍scale of the market

When your sites are built for scale, it can be easy for pages to get out of hand. Travel SEOs use Botify to customize their market-specific websites so they protect the pages that are driving value and safely cut pages that aren’t relevant to certain markets.

Optimize internal linking

Identify page groups that perform poorly for their share of links. Concentrate authority to your most valuable pages.

Our web platforms are very complex and we need to crawl millions of pages across all our domains. We needed a platform that combines our content, log files, and search data into a single cloud-based software solution with best in class customer service and Botify provides that capability. Botify really does take a lot of the hard work out of identifying and resolving issues quickly so that we can focus on driving growth for the business.”
— Osman Khan, Global Head of SEO at TUI

Try the enterprise SEO platform travel SEOs rely on to audit their pages daily at scale. Get in touch to request a demo!  We’d love to show you around.

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