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An SEO Platform for
Content Teams.

Search engines want to serve the most relevant content as the answer to searchers’ queries. With trillions of pages to sort through, how do they do it? Quality signals.

Content teams that want the sustained traffic that search engines can bring will need to create high-quality content that matches the intent of their audience’s queries and compels them to click.

That’s where Botify comes in.

How does Botify help content teams with SEO?

Easily identify content quality issues that need improvement

Evaluate primary page content (excluding templated/navigation content). Measure page uniqueness and similarity across millions of pages. Learn more.

Optimize your content for
rich results

Monitor and analyze structured data with every crawl. Discover new opportunities to enhance search results and drive more traffic to your content.

Track content performance
‍over time

Unlimited tracking of the real searcher queries your content ranks for, on any device and from any location, tracked over time so you can spot trends and fluctuations. Learn more.

Optimize for intent with real
searcher behavior data

Don’t just settle for keyword rank position. Unlock a universe of user behavior data such as impressions, click-through rate, and device-specific queries so that you can create intent-matching content for your audience.

Find new keyword

Trends show you which queries are growing or declining in popularity with your audience. Click data shows you which keywords need improvement. Learn more.

Group content into segments
for easy analysis

Segments help you cut through the noise and identify where content issues live. You can group pages by subfolder, page type, topic, author name, and more for targeted content analysis.

All the data you need to optimize your content for search. Try the enterprise SEO platform marketing teams rely on to optimize their content at scale. Get in touch to request a demo! We’d love to show you around.

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