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Botify Studio: Build Reports That Make Your SEO Move Faster

Botify Studio solves the complexity of communication for organic search stakeholders. Unleash custom reports and easy-to-digest data storytelling, uniquely tailored for each SEO stakeholder’s specific project or bottom line.

Generate daily individualized reports, all in the same dashboard, for teams as diverse as content, development, management, marketing, or any other SEO stakeholder.

Botify Studio: Make Your SEO Move Faster

Build Powerful Dashboards in One-Click
In a single click, build entire individualized dashboards that tell sprawling custom data stories about your SEO campaigns.

Get Notified After Each Analysis
Receive email updates after each analysis so you never miss a beat.

Clearly Communicate Value
Prove the ROI and clearly communicate the value of your SEO campaigns and strategies to all stakeholders.

Focus On Your Strategic Priorities

Botify Studio allows you to focus on your specific SEO priorities and to communicate efficiently about your SEO projects.

A Scenario For Every Stakeholder

Botify Studio gives SEO the power to build reports for any stakeholders (content, marketing, development, among others).

Make SEO Projects Move Faster

Speed up the SEO process by delivering critical, actionable information, right as it’s needed.

Deliver a Stronger Performance

With Botify Studio’s custom reporting, you can follow your SEO initiatives, from start to finish and nurture your campaign all the way to success.

What Makes Botify Studio Unique?

Any KPI Can Be Turned Into a Dashboard
The possibilities are endless! The chance to do cross segmented analyses is fully unique and unprecedented. Combine any segment of URLs with any KPI in the Botify data model (structured data, number of inlinks, etc.) to generate multidimensional custom analysis, all in a single click.

Secure Your Performance
Assure that your SEO campaigns are successful by monitoring your SEO scenarios in easy-to-follow custom dashboards. Secure new content investment, ensure your latest site migration, and track page deployments, all on an enterprise scale. See daily trends, and take prompt action to ensure the success of your projects.

Our Team Can Help
Our Support Team of SEO experts is always ready to assist you! Botify isn’t exclusively an app. Customers also benefit from the training sessions and full support of our SEO experts. Botifyers can help you craft impactful custom dashboards for your business. Reach out to us today.

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