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Botify Data Station: The SEO Data Pipeline Made Easy For Your Enterprise Needs

Botify Data Station is our data solution that makes data import and export easy, fast, and automatic – at scale.

Import business and performance KPIs from selected data sources, including Google Analytics, Google Analytics Premium, Adobe Analytics, AT Internet, Google Search Console, and web server log files. Export Botify KPIs and raw data into your own database or storage systems, such as Amazon S3, Redshift, BigQuery, among others.

Why is Botify Data Station Your Best Ally For Success?

We Think (Really) Big
Go big, or go home. With Botify, there’s no limit on what you can do with your data. Botify Data Station is a hub between the biggest players in search analytics, and our capacities live up to the challenge.

Automatize KPI Sharing on an Enterprise Scale
Botify Data Studio is the only solution to combine such a wide range of data sources on an enterprise level, while automating the exchange of KPIs.

Merge With Google Data Studio Connector
Visualize your Botify data in Google Data Studio. Build custom dashboards for unique business use cases to fully visualize your contextualized metrics.

Put Your Data to Work

Generate and automatize the insights and reports that your particular SEO project needs. Engage in automatic and unlimited exports for any range of SEO KPIs, impacting any stage of the organic search process.

Automatize Customized Exports

Enable fully customized solutions for exporting and storing data. Use Botify’s power to generate any iteration or presentation of data, based on what your data team requires.

Integrate Selected Sources Into Botify

Botify Data Station allows you to import and manipulate third party proprietary data alongside Botify’s own KPIs.

Discover What Botify Data Station Can Do For You!

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