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Levi’s Increases Global Website Traffic by Optimizing Organic Search

30 x

faster delivery of rendered pages to search engines

36 %

increase in unique product pages crawled

99 %

YOY increase in unique pages ranking for non-brand terms


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Levi Strauss & Co.® the world famous fashion brand, needed deeper insights into its organic search performance to better understand how the San Francisco-based global clothing brand could improve global keyword rankings and resulting revenue from the channel.


Having used Botify at a previous company, Matthijs Jansen, SEO Manager at Levi’s, ensured the company successfully leveraged Botify Analytics and Botify Intelligence to discover why some of the brand’s website pages were challenging to find by search engines. But as Levi’s website domain is client-side rendered, he ensured Levi’s also invested in SpeedWorkers from Botify Activation to help the retailer automatically serve fully rendered pages to search engines, to further improve its search performance.

“Botify is a tool we need to do actual work and to do root cause analysis for SEO. It fulfills the needs has on all sides.”

Matthijs Jansen, SEO Manager at Levi’s


With Botify Analytics and SpeedWorkers, Levi’s gained baseline information about each of its pages’ performance, such as metrics around which pages were – or were not – being crawled, indexed, and ranked, beginning with its European sites. Then they used Botify Intelligence to better understand how making certain changes would improve these metrics and began initiating various optimizations.

Levi’s then scaled the solutions to identify and prioritize organic search improvements it makes for its US and other global sites, as well as automatically send fully rendered pages to search engines. The company integrated its Adobe Analytics data with Botify to help correlate how these and other technical improvements correlate to conversions by tying website traffic to revenue.

Botify’s reporting capabilities also helped to demonstrate the influence of SpeedWorkers on indexation, ranking, traffic, and revenue. These were shared with executive leadership to better understand and champion future investments in organic search.


Levi’s experienced website performance improvements faster than expected including:

  1. Increased the number of its URLs search engines crawl by 36%.
  2. 30x faster delivery of more fully rendered pages to search engines, increasing the number of ranking keywords.
  3. 16% resulting global revenue gains in 90 days from optimizations.
  4. More concrete understanding of how to tie SEO projects to increased traffic and revenue.

“With Botify, we are able to see directly which pages Google is requesting. It’s a no-brainer to engage Botify SpeedWorkers for the full domain.”

Matthijs Jansen, SEO Manager at Levi’s

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