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An SEO Platform for
Classifieds & Digital Marketplaces

Classifieds websites run deep. User-generated and feed-driven listings create large archives, and ensuring search engines can efficiently crawl and index the right landing pages, while avoiding extraneous or expired content, is a challenge.

We built Botify with these challenges in mind. 

How does Botify help classifieds SEOs?

Find opportunities to optimize crawl budget

Combine crawl and log data to see the full picture. Find pages that are crawled too little or too much for their business value.

Improve site architecture
and internal linking

Review and visualize internal link data at scale. Find traffic opportunities in valuable pages without sufficient links to rank.

Monitor your
‍structured data

Automatically collect structured data types and properties for all your pages. Spot and size problems and opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Measure the traffic impact from
site changes

See how any change, no matter how technical, is impacting traffic by tracking your technical optimizations and traffic together over time.

“Botify helps us to stay ahead of our competitors by not only providing full visibility on how our millions of company profiles get crawled, but also detailing the actions necessary to make an immediate and lasting impact.”
— Bryan Sim, Product Manager at Owler

Try the enterprise SEO platform classifieds sites rely on to audit their pages daily at scale. Get in touch for a demo! We’d love to show you around.

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