Botify Search Institute (BSI) is Botify’s educational arm designed to engage and train the modern SEO and digital marketing professionals of today and tomorrow.

Why BSI?

The web is changing, and SEO needs to change with it. Not only is there more content than ever (a number that grows daily), but technologies like JavaScript and mobile have only made it harder for search engines to find and surface your most valuable content. SEOs need a way to keep pace with those changes so that they're prepared to tackle anything the modern web throws their way.

While SEO has been a fixture within the marketing mix for years, the future of SEO is reliant on a full-funnel approach, one that addresses all phases of search, from crawling through conversions. As the pioneer of the enterprise SEO methodology and platform of record for some of the largest, global enterprises, Botify is strongly positioned to prepare and educate professionals for the future of search.

Botify Certification

The inaugural program within Botify Search Institute is Botify Certification, a multi-course program that enables Botify customers to validate their expertise and distinguish themselves with badges of certification. Learn more.

Through educational resources, platform trainings, and a certification program, BSI aims to demystify the new era of SEO and empower marketers to advance their knowledge, careers, and company growth for maximum success.

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