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You’re not here because you want an SEO tool.

You’re here because you want to fix your indexing issues, rank better, get more traffic, and generate more revenue for your business.

We care about that too, so we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

At Botify, the price you pay reflects the value you get from the platform. In other words — pay for results, not usage.

Solutions for every enterprise website

Here’s how you’ll benefit:

If your search traffic goes down, we’ll lower your contract price.

Our goal is your success, which we’re confident you’ll achieve with a long-term commitment to the Botify solutions and methodology — so confident that we’re staking the price on it. (P.S. according to Forrester Consulting, Botify customers achieve a 584% ROI)

You don’t have to forego essential features because of budget limitations.

Since the true value of our solutions lies in their interconnectedness, each package includes everything you need to succeed. No more picking and choosing tools that you have to use in a vacuum.

You get to be strategic, not tactical.

Charging by platform usage (such as charging per crawl or per keyword) can disincentivize you from using a tool to its full potential and lead to more ad hoc, tactical approaches to SEO. Paying for results rather than usage gives you the freedom to use the solution as much as you need.

Our Packages

We have three different plans to meet your needs, all of which allow you to apply the full-funnel methodology to your website. We definitely encourage you to reach out so we can help you find the best option for you!


Great for relatively straightforward websites that still want complete, end-to-end SEO data with prescriptive recommendations.


Great for organizations that rely heavily on organic search and want to both protect and grow their organic search revenue.


Great for organizations with large, complex, and/or multiple web properties that are looking for accelerated scale, support, and security.

We’re not satisfied with simply getting you to buy (or even use) our technology, so we don’t price as if that was our end goal. You deserve a solution whose goals are aligned with your own. That’s Botify.

Want to discuss pricing and features with us? Get in touch! We’d love to help you figure out what package is right for you.