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The Enterprise-Grade SEO Platform for Consumer Product Brands

Consumer Product Brands are faced with a unique set of SEO challenges, from establishing your brand presence for queries dominated by large online retailers to wrangling multiple family brands with unique websites.

Your needs are particular, and you need an SEO platform that adapts to your situation. That’s why we built Botify, the best-in-class enterprise SEO platform with powerful customization. Get the SEO data you need with automated daily crawls, clear visualization of performance issues, and custom KPI reporting at any scale.

How does Botify help consumer product brands grow?

Manage international SEO

Automate crawling and monitoring of international content. Validate and track HREFLANG tag configurations to ensure the right users see the right pages at the right time.

Improve site architecture and internal linking

Review and visualize internal link data at scale. Discover opportunities to rank valuable pages higher through internal linking.

Enhance search results at scale

Audit structured data (recipes, authors, dates etc…), on an enterprise scale, to discover opportunities, catch errors and drive more traffic.

Automate daily crawls and custom KPIs for all your properties

Get daily automated crawl reports for all your properties in one platform. Prevent losses from bugs and easily spot areas of opportunity.

Try the enterprise SEO platform Consumer Product Brands rely on to protect and grow their organic search traffic. Get in touch to request a demo! We’d love to show you around.

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