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The Platform Technical
SEOs Rely On.

Technical SEO has never been so critical to organic search performance.

New structured data types are emerging, and JavaScript-rendered content is ubiquitous. SEOs need reliable and comprehensive data to identify opportunities, verify deployments, and monitor for issues.

Botify gives you all the data you need with powerful filters and clear visualizations supporting a wide range of technical SEO use cases.

How does Botify support technical SEO?

Whether you’ve been tasked with preserving traffic during a site migration or need to identify indexing issues, Botify can help. Take a look at some of the big ways Botify is supporting technical SEOs.

Optimize your
crawl budget

Combine crawl, performance, and Googlebot log data to see the complete SEO picture. Identify pages that are crawled too little or too much for their business value.

Ensure smooth
site migrations

Group pages by crawl and performance data to prioritize for migration, crawl your staging site to QA before launch, and monitor logs post-migration to spot problems fast and react with agility.  Learn more.

Improve site architecture
and internal linking

Review and visualize internal link data at-scale. Find orphan pages, concentrate authority to your most valuable pages, and quickly spot page depth issues.

Audit and track structured
data at scale

Automatically collect structured data types and properties for all your pages. Ensure rich results are maintained, and spot new opportunities to enhance search snippets.

In-depth analysis of
JavaScript elements

Compare pre- and post-rendered pages to spot critical SEO issues, view daily reports on how search engines are crawling your JavaScript, and pinpoint your slowest-loading resources.
Learn more.

Review mobile and desktop
parity with ease

Conduct pixel-perfect device analysis to ensure optimal mobile performance and content parity for the mobile-first index.
Learn more.

Botify is the most flexible tool I’ve ever used when it comes to digging deep into your website’s data. They collect and serve damn-near everything you’d need to answer questions regarding site health and areas of opportunity.”
— Andrew Cilio, Co-Founder of Mago SEO, on behalf of LuckyVitamin.

All the technical SEO functionality you need in a single platform. Try the enterprise SEO platform technical SEOs rely on to audit their pages daily at-scale. Get in touch to request a demo! We’d love to show you around.

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