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Botify empowers enterprise business with the data, tools, and diagnostics necessary to build high quality digital assets for search engines.

Retail Take E-Commerce Revenue Generation to the Next Level with Botify

Boost revenue by impacting each step of the organic search process, ensuring that your product pages are crawled, rendered, indexed, ranked and converting.

Online retailers face a unique set of SEO opportunities specific to e-commerce sites. Discover how SEO stakeholders are using Botify to advance their retail projects, such as:

  • Beating competing vendors that offer the same products
  • Assuring the indexation and ranking of a high volume of product pages
  • Secure visibility for top converting keywords with intense competition
  • Adjusting content and ranking strategies to reflect the seasonality of content
  • Fully understanding Javascript's impact on Google crawl
  • Implementing and monitoring structured data at scale
  • Auditing and optimizing faceted navigation
  • Monitoring content similarity and content uniqueness across millions of pages

Retailers use Botify to remain highly visible in very competitive online spaces, to optimize conversion channels, to verify emerging search determinators such as JavaScript and structued data, to ensure the success of product pages in organic search, and to crush the competition in many other ways.

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Travel Capture & Convert Your Audience in Fast Changing Market

Travel industry SEO is highly competitive for flights, lodgings, and transportation. Botify helps travel businesses by helping:

  • Manage complex, multi-site navigations for national and international audiences
  • Rank for highly competitive keywords across millions of pages at a time
  • Content quality analysis that enables faster indexation, especially for travel pages that turn over quickly
  • Verify error-free structured data implementation, at scale, to influence rich results on an enterprise scale
  • Enable JavaScript-rendered analysis to understand how JS elements are impacting SEO on your site
  • Optimize mobile page speed. Offer device-contextualized reports that tell you how and why mobile customers are using your site
  • Verify your AMP strategy. Confirm compliance of mobile pages, ensure parity with canonical equivalents, and compare desktop vs. mobile page performance
  • Offer a complete and comprehensive solution for enterprise websites with a global footprint

Make sense of the fast changing market, and preserve your revenue share, with unrivaled SEO technology built for industries with high turnover.

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Publishers Boost Organic Audience Growth By Ensuring the Performance of Your Content

Publishing websites have unique goals and opportunities for search optimization. See how SEO stakeholders in the publishing world are using Botify to assure their optimization efforts:

  • Audit structured data (recipes, authors, dates etc…), on an enterprise scale, to find errors, increase rich results, and better communicate the value of articles to search engines and assistant
  • Analyze content quality like Google does. Distinguish between template and non-template content, track page uniqueness and similarity, across millions of pages
  • Verify your AMP strategy. Crawl and analyze AMP pages, track deployment, boost mobile page speed, and confirm content parity between AMP and canoncials
  • Manage the ever-expanding volume of pages on your site through SEO log file analysis and segmentation
  • Enable JavaScript-rendered analysis to understand JS on your site

Gain a step up in the crowded market of publishing! Analyze content like Google does, confirm deployment of your strategic article pages, ensure mobile page compliance, verify the accessibility of your content, manage the complexity of your website, audit JS and structured data, and much more.

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Classifieds & Job Posting Build Well-Structured Sites That Can Handle Ever-Changing User Content

The structure and depth of classifieds/jobs sites offer unique SEO opportunities. Use Botify to ensure your optimizations and projects on these sites by:

  • Managing rapidly expiring content, on an enterprise scale, to avoid erroneous or inactive pages
  • Auditing structured data, at scale, to communicate accurate information to search engines
  • Building site structures that are equipped to handle the complexity of countless new postings appearing everyday
  • Bolstering critical navigation and category pages, so that the site’s user experience is clear and easeful
  • Controlling the volume of new pages being created to avoid overcrowding the site

With Botify, you can build and optimize the structures of classifieds/jobs sites, so they can handle boundless amounts of new and expiring content simultaneously. Control page volumes, segment site sections, perfect site navigation, and communicate clearly with search engines to demarcate content lifecycles.

Build Well Structured Sites That Can Handle Your Ever-Evolving User Content
Agencies Deliver Flawless SEO Performances & Services For Clients

Botify is the number one solution for agencies that service enterprise clients. Here’s how SEO stakeholders at agencies across the world are using Botify to achieve the search strategy objectives of their clients:    

  • Save yourself time with Botify automated analyses and full visibility at all stages of organic search
  • Prove the value of your work by tying ROI to your strategic projects
  • Generate automatic reports, including PDFs, and unlimited exports to inform you and other SEO stakeholders about the progress of key campaigns
  • Engage in your fastest crawl possible, with up to 250 pages crawled per second, and up to 50 million pages with full SaaS analysis per crawl
  • Ensure your customers flawless transition to the mobile-first index, confirm the switch, optimize load times, unleash successful AMP deployments, and harness device metrics
  • Secure your strategic projects, such as JavaScript, HTTPS transition, and AMP pages, confirming success from the first crawl to the last visit
  • Build custom reports to show everyone - from the execs on down - how you nailed those migrations, mobile-first transitions, and device-specific optimizations

Botify’s unprecedented insights into all phases of organic search, coupled with its speed, comprehensiveness, and custom reporting, make it an ideal platform for agencies that are looking to powerfully impact enterprise websites, and prove performance.

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From the world of finance, to discussion forums, and beyond. What are your search marketing challenges?

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Who Uses Botify?

Botify is designed to be used by any stakeholder, team, or department that has an interest in SEO. Track, implement, and achieve every team’s SEO objectives, all within a single platform.

SEO Managers

The Botify suite impacts each stage of the organic search process. Our solutions are fast, reliable, scalable, and continuously updated to meet our customer-centric requirements.

Content Teams

Content teams view Botify as a one-stop solution for building their entire content strategies because Botify Keywords uncovers the real trends that people are searching for.

Engineering Teams

Botify’s solutions give engineering teams the data, tools and diagnostics to create high quality digital assets for search engines.

Data Scientists

Data scientists can use Botify KPIs outside of the platform and pair them with other internal data sources for deeper insights.

Marketing Executives

Gain a big-picture view of how your SEO efforts are paying off and understand how SEO is impacting marketing mix revenue.

Track, Implement, and Achieve Any Team's SEO Objectives With Botify. See How!