Be There, and Clicked, When Customers Are Searching For You

Botify Keywords is a keyword research and ranking tool based on real data including real queries, ranking, and CTR. The solution bridges, for the first time, real user queries from the Google Search Console API with the most advanced technical SEO insights established by Botify.

Real Keywords, Ranking, and CTR

Detect trends and understand search intent with a fully contextualized view of real rankings and behavioral data.

Base Your Content On What People Search

Detect changes in search behavior to match queries to content to capture even more relevant searchers.

Optimize Technical SEO to Impact Rankings

With Botify Keywords, SEOs can definitively influence their ranking by optimizing their content, tags, structured data, or technical SEO.

What Makes Botify Keywords the Leading Solution For Your SEO Keywords Tools?
Daily Real Trends Reporting

Track trends over time, identify consumer demand, and capitalize on opportunities as they emerge in the data.

Strategize Globally, Act Locally

Capture international consumer demand by acting on searcher behavior across countries and continents.

Reporting By Device

Break down keywords and user behavior by device to optimize your content for specific devices and searcher intent.

Content Quality Optimizations

Track and analyze all of Google’s multivariate content ranking signals in a single dashboard.

Why is Botify Keywords Unique?
Target All Your Keywords

Understand the totality of your keyword presence as Botify Keywords analyzes an unbeatable amount of real user queries, tracking millions of keywords per domain.

Keywords Explorer

Cross real user queries, and their associated URLs, with any of content and technical SEO KPIs that determine their rankings.

No Initial Set Up

Botify Keywords requires no setup. The solution is automatically integrated with Google Search Console, giving you instant access to millions of real keywords and associated user behaviors.

Harness Real Rankings in Botify Keywords For Unreal CTR & Revenue! See How Now.
WebinarBotify Keywords: Where Technical SEO Meets the Power of Keywords

For the first time SEOs are able to analyze and combine technical SEO and content indicators with ranking data in a single platform.

In this on-demand webinar you will discover how Botify’s enterprise SEO platform can show you:

  • Search intent behind real Google queries (not scraped keywords)
  • Trend detection and user behavior
  • Mobile-first graphs and fully customizable device-specific dashboards
  • Keywords and page segmentation
  • How technical SEO elements, crawl budget and content quality are affecting rankings

Learn how you can start optimizing the entire SEO process in a single application.