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Case Studies: Real Stories, Real Results

See how Botify boosts ROI and revenue in real-life scenarios, through crawl budget optimizations, AMP strategies, and traffic increases on strategic pages, among others.

Crawl Budget Optimization

How Nature & Découvertes Skyrocketed Organic Traffic Over 100% With Botify.

Ongoing SEO

How publisher Refinery29 used Botify to monitor and maximize search performance.

Migrating URLs

How travel client, BlaBlaCar used Botify for a successful site migration.

Uncovering Quick Wins

How classifieds client, JobiJoba increased Google crawl by 300% with Botify.

The Invisible Site

How one classifieds client increasing Google crawl 19x with Botify

Multisite SEO Management

How publisher L'Express managed 6 migrations using Botify.

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