The Invisible Site: How an Online Auto Marketplace Increased Their Google Crawl by 19x

About the Case Study

On a site with 10 million URLs, it can be difficult to get a high-level view of the overall health. When an online auto marketplace used Botify to do just that, crawling their site and comparing it to their log files, they found that Google was missing 99% of the pages on their site. Ouch.

Thankfully, identifying their crawl rate was the first step in a path to recovery, eventually resulting in a 19x increase in Googlebot crawl, leading to doubled weekly organic traffic.

Learn how they did it.

Learn how Botify helped a 99% invisible site double their organic traffic!

What's Inside?

How to combine crawl and log data to find your site's true crawl rate.

How to stop wasted crawl and get Google to find your high-value pages.

How increasing Google's crawl rate helped double traffic within three months.