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Clarins Automates Organic Search and Mitigates Rising Cost Per Click

Clarins Case Study

11 %

more clicks on the website

41 %

increase in unique product pages crawled

35 %

YOY increase in unique pages ranking for non-brand terms


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Clarins, the French multinational skincare and cosmetics company, committed to increasing its presence across all customer touchpoints, while promoting direct purchases through the brand’s website.


With the goal of driving a more sustainable business and increasing overall sales by 30% by 2023, Clarins is counting on the complementary nature of paid and organic search tactics to accelerate the visibility of its website. Their goal is to make organic search the number one source of qualified online traffic, enabling Clarins to invest in new brand territories – leveraging new keywords – without increasing their overall spend.


Before developing an internal linking strategy, Clarins wanted first to ensure the organic search performance of its website and turned to Botify, in particular Botify Activation, a suite of solutions designed to automate and scale organic search optimization efforts.

Clarins was thus able to benefit from a precise analysis and a wealth of information to optimize its natural referencing strategy. While organic search can at times be perceived as technically challenging and only producing long-term results, working with Botify enabled the operational teams to deliver tangible outcomes much more quickly than expected.

“Unfortunately, budgets are not increasing as fast as CPCs. As a result, we decided to optimize our investments and accelerate our organic search strategies, which led to the recovery of budget that could be used to invest in new brand territories.”

Stephanie Catarino, Director of e-Commerce, Acquisition and CRM France at Clarins


By partnering with Botify, Clarins was able to:

  1. Increase product details page clicks by 14%
  2. Increase product listing page by 19%
  3. Optimize product page crawl budget by 67%
  4. Achieve Large-scale automation of PDP metadata optimizations
  5. Removed duplicate content (695 pages with unique content vs. 250, in 1 month)
  6. Increase unwanted URL parameters in logs and Google Search Console.

“With the arrival of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), especially third-party cookies, we were increasingly pushed to leverage organic search, which ultimately proved to be a more sustainable approach to online visibility, authority and profitability.”

Stephanie Catarino, Director of e-Commerce, Acquisition and CRM France at Clarins

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