How JobiJoba Increased Google’s Crawl of Their Site by Over 300% Overnight

About the Case Study

JobiJoba, one of the leading job search sites in Europe, realized they were losing traffic but didn’t know why. They had been working diligently to make on-page optimizations for about a year, but the traffic loss continued. Without a crawler that was powerful enough to traverse their entire multi-million-page website, it was near impossible for them to detect what was really going on.

Enter Botify.

Learn how JobiJoba used Botify to find insights they had never been able to see before, leading to a massive increase in crawl rate on their high-value pages.

Learn how Botify helped JobiJoba get Google to crawl more of their important pages!

What's Inside?

Discover how this job board uncovered why they were losing traffic despite their on-page optimizations.

See how pagination, crawl optimization, and site structure improvements brought the biggest SEO returns for the site.

How simple technical optimizations led to a 300% increase in Google crawl and increased organic traffic.