The Publisher SEO Playbook

Digital publishers – especially enterprise publishers – manage some of the largest, most-frequently updated websites on the internet. Regardless of publication type, getting relevant, engaging, and unique content developed and published is only half the battle. Ensuring that the content is discovered, indexed, and read can make or break its success.

Among many other things, publisher success requires editorial excellence, precise internal coordination, and of course, a reliable tech stack, core to which is a high-performing content management system, as well as a complementary, SEO platform, both of which are designed for speed and complexity.

That is why we decided to develop this publisher SEO playbook in collaboration with our partner, WordPress VIP. The WordPress brand is ubiquitous in the world of digital content management, hosting millions of websites representing nearly 40% of the web. WordPress VIP is designed specifically to serve their largest, highest-trafficked websites; focusing on enterprise and large-scale content management, offering powerful hosting, flexible infrastructure, and unmatched performance and security.

In this white paper, we will explore the most common challenges facing publisher SEOs, as well as some of the solutions, including:

  • Publisher site structure and managing a wide variety of content types
  • Navigating the complexity of JavaScript content and flexible sampling
  • Revenue model experimentation and implementation
  • Balancing SEO with other team priorities
    ….and more!