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The Tool SEO Teams Rely On
for Site Migrations.

There’s a lot that can go wrong with site migrations. SEO teams carry the responsibility of preventing traffic losses, which means extensive planning and quality assurance testing. Without the right tools, there may be too much for a team to handle.

But Botify is here to deliver.

How does Botify help with site migrations?

Build migration plans and redirect mappings with comprehensive data

Analyze your pages at scale with full site crawls. Group pages by crawl and performance data to prioritize for migration.

Test changes before launch

Discover and fix site migration issues before your performance suffers by crawling your staging site to QA before launch.

Monitor search engine crawlers with log analysis

Watch search engines as they start to crawl your new site. Spot problems fast and react with agility.

Get a complete picture of changes from migration updates

Compare scheduled, automated full-site crawls for changes that can impact SEO. Track your preferred KPIs with custom reports.

We detected a 404 surge, which was due to URLs that were not covered by redirection rules. Thanks to Botify, we were able to react immediately.”
— Charlotte Barre, SEO Project Manager at Express-Roularta Group

Try the platform top SEOs rely on for sensitive site migrations.
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