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The Tool SEO Teams Rely On
in the Age of JavaScript.

In the modern web, JavaScript isn’t going away. That’s why enterprise SEOs need a scalable way to find JavaScript SEO issues like:

  • Clickable elements that are not coded as links, blocking crawl paths
  • JavaScript that puts too much of the rendering burden on the browser, leading to slow experiences for users and potential delays in search engine indexing
  • Mismanaged robots.txt rules that are blocking key JavaScript resources, preventing search engines from fully rendering content

That’s where Botify comes in.

How does Botify help with JavaScript SEO analysis?

Spot key differences in page rendering with and without JavaScript

Compare JS and non-JS content and link rendering for all your pages. Crawl up to 100 URLs per second with JavaScript rendering.

Monitor search engine crawling of JavaScript resources in real time

View daily reports on how search engines are crawling your JavaScript resources. Spot crawling problems before they grow.

Measure and track page delays
from JavaScript processing

Track the impact on page performance from JavaScript enhancements. Pinpoint the issues causing the largest delays at scale.

The great thing about Botify is that, during this period of switching from full SPA to SSR of all SEO elements, we were able to set up recurring crawls so that you could see progression over time. It helped us diagnose problems and move much quicker.
— Kenyon Manu, SEO Product Track Lead at Carvana

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