Navigating Google’s January 2020 Core Algorithm Update & Volatility in Organic Search

About the White Paper

What changed this time around, and how can we prepare for the future? We wanted to dig into the “wins” and “losses” of Google’s January 2020 Core Algorithm Update to know exactly what changed and how you can safeguard your site for volatility yet to come.

We dug into the data from 280 classifieds, publishers, and e-commerce sites to see how sites of varying sizes and across verticals have been impacted. 

Take a peek at what we found.

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What You’ll Discover:

Understanding how your site’s been impacted: Learn how to evaluate whether traffic gains and losses are a result of the core algorithm update or a shift in user behavior

How to make up for losses: Where you can find opportunities to make up for declining rankings and clicks

Our guide to safeguarding your site for future changes in organic search – no matter how big or small