How Does Google Crawl the Web?


A data-driven study of the factors impacting how Google discovers and analyzes content.

Botify set out to answer important aspects of the age-old question – how does Google crawl the web? We discussed what we found in the on-demand webinar.

We put REAL figures on what SEOs have known but could not prove

Our goal was to understand Google with a data-backed approach based on our outstanding customer dataset. This is the first study of its kind, based on real customer data, globally. We analyzed 15% of the data Botify processes every month: 6.2 billion Googlebot requests, 413 million pages crawled by Botify, across 270 websites.

How Does Google Crawl the Web? Results:

  • 49% – The percentage of compliant pages in the website’s structure crawled by Google in 30 days.
  • 23% – The percentage of pages that have generated at least one organic visit in 30 days.
  • 2.3 – The average number of times a website’s URL was crawled by Google in 30 days.

Another exciting confirmation – a website’s size is one of the most important factors impacting Google’s crawl. But not all KPIs are impacted equally!

Benchmark your key indicators and overall performance against that of the average site. Compare your performance to that of your industry for an even clearer picture of how your site should be performing and your biggest opportunities for improvement.

Discover why your pages might not be crawled, which KPIs are most impacted by a site’s size and how you should prioritize projects to get the greatest return on your site optimizations. Don’t miss this insightful discussion – register for the webinar now!

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