Virtual BotifyConnect: New Holiday Data Reveals Insights About Handling Seasonal Volatility

Connect with your fellow SEOs as we walk through new research that’ll help you prepare your site for shifts in demand.

What to expect:

When we originally embarked on our 2019 holiday research project, we expected to uncover insights about how publisher and e-commerce SEOs should be prepared for peak shopping seasons like Black Friday.

While we did uncover some helpful holiday insights, we also uncovered insights that could apply to other times of seasonality and volatility as well.

We hope this BotifyConnect arms you with ideas that could come in handy in times like these, as well as gives you a chance to safely connect with your fellow SEOs as most of us work from home this week.

Botify’s Director of Content Kameron Jenkins will be presenting the findings from our research, then Martin MacDonald, Founder of MOGmedia Inc., will be sharing his experience handling seasonality at brands like Expedia, Orbitz, and Omnicom.

Watch the on-demand webinar!