How to Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions Without a Data Science Degree

Enterprise brands are flooded with data – data that has the potential to propel a company to new levels of operational efficiency, performance, and growth. And with customer experience at the heart of a successful business, modern marketers, in particular are under constant pressure to make informed, data-driven decisions with agility.

How can we spend less time pulling and preparing data, and more time actioning against it?

Join Looker, a leading data platform company (now part of Google Cloud), and Botify enterprise SEO technology company, for a webinar to understand:

The latest data trends and predictions – and how they can impact your businessWhy search data is at the heart of the customer journeyHow to avoid spending more time preparing data than actually gleaning insights from itReal world examples of how enterprise brands have leveraged centralized marketing data to empower teams and create business value