Faceted Navigation: (Almost) Everyone is Doing it Wrong

According to Google: “Faceted navigation, such as filtering by color or price range, can be helpful for your visitors, but it’s often not search-friendly since it creates many combinations of URLs with duplicative content. With duplicative URLs, search engines may not crawl new or updated unique content as quickly, and they may not index a page accurately because indexing signals are diluted between the duplicate versions.”

For this webinar, Petra Kis-Herczegh, SEO Solutions Consultant at Botify teams up with Kelvin Newman, Founder of BrightonSEO to present actionable insights on handling faceted navigation. Learn how to combine your Data (Crawl, Analytics, Search Console and Log files) and ready-to-use tools to unlock your website’s hidden potential.

In this webinar we will walk you through:

  • Understanding the issues caused by faceted navigation and the risk to SEO.
  • Considerations, common methods and pitfalls when using SEO best practices.
  • Use cases and examples on how to use data to handle your faceted navigation.