Reconciling Keyword Rankings with Technical SEO

Botify data scientists analyzed 413M pages and 6.2B Googlebot requests across 270 websites and found that on average, 51% of a website’s pages are not being crawled by Google, while one-third of the pages are non-indexable, and a whole two-thirds of the pages are inactive.

SEOs who focus their analysis on keyword performance without thinking about the technical implications of the website pages are missing critical stages in the search engine process. Afterall, if half the pages of a site aren’t being crawled because of technical issues, then they aren’t being indexed, and no matter how much on-page optimization you do, search engines will not find these pages.

In this talk, Botify Search Data Strategist Will Lau illuminates how and why crucial technical indicators determine visibility in the SERPs: In what capacity does technical SEO impact real rankings? How can I make data-driven decisions about ranking strategy based on site structure, content quality or site speed? How to manage content crawlability? How to optimize indexability and discoverability of content with SEO log file analysis? How to finally tie technical SEO KPIs to rankings?

Come full circle with technical SEO, content, and real rankings to boost your strategic pages by optimizing every step in the organic search process.