Optimize Your Google Crawl Budget!

Google has limited resources to crawl your site. Are your most strategic pages being crawled? How is this crawl budget being spent? Optimizing your Crawl Budget is critical!

What is Crawl Budget… and why should I care?

On average, only 40% of a site’s pages are crawled regularly by Google.

Leading SEOs know that optimizing Crawl Budget for large and complex websites is critical in order to be seen in competitive markets. After officially confirming that crawl budget is real and should be optimized, Google made optimizing crawl a top priority for SEOs in 2017.

Google put the subject in the headlines, but how should you react? What should you do?

Tune in to explore different ways you can optimize your Crawl Budget and generate more SEO traffic. This webinar covers valuable crawl metrics you can use to optimize your site and make the most of Googlebot’s finite Crawl Budget to increase SEO traffic and revenue!

We’ll cover integral concepts, including:

  • What is Crawl Budget, and why is it important?
  • How do you track & measure it? and finally,
  • How do you optimize it?

Without crawl, there is no conversion. Uncover the secrets of encouraging crawl on your most valuable pages (and discouraging wasted crawl on pages that won’t convert) to get found by search engine bots, indexed in results pages, and driving SEO traffic.

Gain a deeper understanding of the notion of crawl budget – including Crawl Ratio and Crawl Demand – to find opportunities to improve the crawl of your site. Turn insights into actions with impactful optimizations that can increase and improve Google’s crawl and, in turn, increase SEO traffic to boost conversion and revenue.