JavaScript Crawl: See Full Site Structure & Content Impact

With the increase in the render capabilities of search bots, the influence of Javascript on SEO is not only real, but growing in a way that demands attention from anyone serious about search optimization.

But most traditional web crawlers can’t see content and links rendered in JavaScript, like comment and recommendation widgets, despite the fact that search engines index this content routinely.

That’s where Botify comes in!

How Can Botify’s Javascript Crawl Help SEOs?

Botify can see this JavaScript content. More than that, it can analyze this JavaScript content with a robust set of SEO KPIs, extracting actionable insights that result in tangible ROI.

Botify allows you to crawl and analyze your site’s JavaScript with unprecedented completeness and speed. This helps you to gain key information as to how your site’s elements requiring JS execution are impacting SEO.

Key Botify JavaScript crawl benefits include:

  • Evaluating text content rendered with JavaScript.
  • Capture and following href links rendered with JavaScript.
  • Configuring crawler to not execute certain JS files, such as web analytics (to avoid inflating traffic metrics).
  • Caching resources to reduce stress on the website.
  • Following JS redirects.

Botify’s JavaScript capabilities will improve the comprehensiveness of your site crawl and help you understand the implications of all your indexable content.

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