HTML Extract: Create & Analyze Custom KPIs in Botify

Join us for our latest webinar! See the best SEOs in the industry demonstrate how HTML extract with CSS selectors can unlock a new universe of custom data, right at your fingertips.

With a single CSS selector, you can compile HTML fragments, attributes, or tags – gathering contributors, sale dates, and stock information across your entire site with a simple command.

Turn any HTML into a KPI, join this webinar to learn how you can start taking advantage of this unique Botify feature.

Make All Decisions, Not Just SEO, with Unlimited Custom Data Insights

Botify users have an expansive set of potential custom data insights available to them, including:

  • Date, contributor, modified date, page type
  • Product discounts
  • Date first seen, date sold out, date restocked
  • Number of products sold
  • Number of comments in blog posts
  • Content ratings
  • Results count in internal search results page

Manage ad spend based on inventory level, highlight restaurants with high ratings, promote authors with more comments. Monitor inventory fluctuations, location-specific metrics, or the number of articles with author tags.

Whether it comes to informing your SEO priorities, ordering new stock, or tracking key tags, HTML Extract with CSS selectors puts the power of custom data into your hands, on your terms, without the hassle.

Capture the Metrics That Make Your Business Tick

Botify tracks hundreds of SEO KPIs per page, but many marketers have specific attributes or content they want to monitor as well.

Now you can gather custom HTML content for every page on your website, such as product prices and stock quantities, using tiny snippets of CSS selectors.

Unlock your custom data: register for the webinar now!