Decrypt Google’s Behavior with Botify Log Analyzer

How many millions of views are you losing because your traffic driving pages aren’t even getting crawled by Google? Unleash the power of SEO log file analysis to maximize your crawl, gaining immediate ROI.

Crawl Budget Strategy in 2017

For enterprise websites, Google’s limited crawl resources mean that on average, almost 40% of the content on websites are left uncrawled. How can you fix that?

Tune into this webinar to understand how to increase crawl budget optimization, including:

  • Using the crawl to increase ROI, traffic, revenue
  • Understanding the big picture of SEO log file analysis
  • Identifying traffic growth potential
  • Enabling discoverability of strategic pages
  • Wide-scale trend detection
  • Using log file analysis to react before SEO impact
  • Correlating crawl with 350+ technical SEO markers
  • Ensuring success of priority projects such as HTTPS migration

Learn how Botify Log Analyzer enables you to optimize crawl budget, generating increased conversion rates, using broad insights paired with URL level detail, alongside an unbeatable number of technical SEO KPIs.

See, at a glance, how your crawl budget is being spent. Are your crawled pages low value, suffering from 404s, non-compliance issues, or poor content quality? Are valuable pages not being crawled due to technical SEO issues?

What is the ratio of crawled to uncrawled pages? How can you eliminate useless pages from the crawled pile, and get uncrawled strategic pages crawled? These are just a handful of the insights that you can gain from Botify Log Analyzer.

Put ROI First With Crawl Budget Optimization

Get a clear picture of how Google is understanding and crawling your pages, and convert that insight into actionable strategies that can boost ROI. Botify Log Analyzer is the only solution that marries enterprise log file analysis with a powerful technical SEO platform. Join the webinar to discover more!