Conquer the Mobile-First Index 

Webinar: How Botify Can Help You Get the Most Out of the Mobile-First Index

Everybody’s talking about the mobile-first index, but few are able to illuminate the principal data that will help you plan for and verify a successful transition.

With the right data, you can understand your site’s preparation requirements, find out when your site has transitioned, and confirm the continued success of your content with unprecedented insights into all aspects of your mobile performance.

Join our latest webinar to find out how to conquer, not just withstand, the transition to the mobile-first index. Navigate the flux, seize the new landscape, and win market share with optimizations that will put you above and beyond the competition in a time of fluidity.

Actionable, Data-Driven Insights for Every Kind of Site

In this webinar, we’ll explain the ramifications of the mobile-first index, and discuss the range of optimizations that will yield the greatest success for your SEO strategy.

Find out what you need to do for your specific site in preparation, whether your site is responsive, dynamic, or uses separate mobile URLs.

Step-by-Step Strategy to Prepare for the Mobile-First Index

Prepare for the mobile-first index with step-by-step visibility into the key determinative factors, and control over what impacts them, by:

  • Initiating a crawl to perform a full audit of your mobile website.
  • Understanding if Googlebot for Smartphones can crawl your mobile website.
  • Verifying, at scale, the canonical and rel=alternate tags for desktop and mobile pages.
  • Confirming parallelism between your mobile website and desktop website in terms of:


Optimizing significant mobile ranking factors, such as load time.

How Can Botify Enable You to Optimize Each Step of Your Mobile Strategy Keeping a pulse on custom, actionable data is the only way to keep pace with the changing mobile landscape. Join this webinar to learn to:

Compare how each version of your website is actually crawled (desktop, AMP, mobile) by different user agents (mobile, desktop) within your log files to identify when your site has transitioned to the mobile-first index.

  • Chart the crawl for your mobile website to identify opportunities to improve mobile crawl… and ultimately rankings and visits.
  • Make content, ranking, and technical mobile SEO optimizations on a wide-scale through site segmentation.
  • Are your AMP pages being crawled? Are AMP pages similar to desktop pages? Measure the crawl and content parity for AMP pages. Tie AMP pages to 500+ SEO KPIS.
  • View visits from mobile devices to confirm that pages are being served and visited in search consistently.
  • Monitor rankings, volume of impressions, visits, and clicks via mobile devices to contextualize the success of mobile pages in the SERPs

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