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Smartbox Streamlines SEO to Make Updates Faster and Autonomously

150 +

SEO optimizations made in 4 months

86 %

Increase in crawl rate on the website


Smartbox is the market leader of gift boxes in Europe. Its SEO team sought to optimize its acquisition costs, increase ROI, and reduce turnover. 


However, Smartbox didn’t have the bandwidth to achieve these objectives and was further hindered by a large-scale migration project. 


To be able to make SEO optimizations without having to wait for the migration project to be complete or rely on its limited development team, Smartbox adopted Botify’s PageWorkers solution which independently automates large-scale SEO optimizations. With PageWorkers, the team could perform optimizations that are both semantic and technical on dozens of event pages and easily implement link meshes and thumbnails. For example, it began using PageWorkers for various fixes, including breadcrumb integration, internal linking optimization, link obfuscation, and Meta tags changes.

“We optimized 50 to 100 event pages in a few clicks, this would have taken a long time if we had to do it manually. With PageWorkers, it happened in 1 month.”

Stéphanie de Souza, SEO Manager at Smartbox


Monitoring in Botify quickly showed improvements in SEO indicators such as crawl rate, number of active pages, and page  ranking. The feedback is unanimous: automation allowed them to reduce the time needed to implement optimizations and to obtain the first tangible and measurable results quickly. 

“What I like about Botify is the autonomy, the fact of not calling on developers. We don’t need to wait any longer!”

Stéphanie de Souza, SEO Manager at Smartbox

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