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Botify Launches Botify Activation to Accelerate Implementation and Content Discoverability

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January 31, 2023
Hayley Sherman
Senior Product Marketing Manager
last updated on
July 3, 2024

Capturing audience attention during times of economic uncertainty is even more challenging, as consumer behavior, preferences, and research often evolve more quickly and unpredictably. But brands can drive sustainable profitability in any type of financial climate by playing the long game. Serving the most relevant content the moment consumers are searching plays a big part in building trust and authority.

The most effective way to do this is through leveraging organic search, as more than 50% of website traffic is derived from organic search. But ensuring your content is found in search results can take a tremendous amount of time and technical complexity, and often involves deep collaboration across marketing, product, and engineering teams in your organization. Despite these efforts, more than 50% of websites’ pages are missed entirely by search engines, and 77% of pages drive no organic traffic at all.

You need a more efficient and effective way to implement optimizations at scale and ensure all your valuable content is being found by search engines as you seek to continue growing your brand authority. Botify Activation is an innovative suite of products designed to enable your organization to meet these challenges and help you take control of how search engines and consumers find your products and services, organically.

Be Ready for the Evolution of Search with Botify Activation

The Botify platform got its start with Botify Analytics, offering over 1,000 metrics to help unify your organic search data from each stage of the search process. We then developed Botify Intelligence, adding in the much-needed layer of prescriptive insights to help prioritize actions. Even with a prioritized set of optimizations, getting those prioritized and implemented by engineering teams remains a challenge, and ensuring that your website is being found by search engines is another.

Now, Botify Activation helps you to take action through powerful automation and scalability. Botify Activation accelerates the delivery of your organic search roadmap, reduces IT costs for organic search projects, and tests for the most impactful optimizations. It consists of three tools: SpeedWorkers, PageWorkers, and FastIndex that work both independently and collaboratively to help brands stand out and implement recommendations faster.

Make sure search engines discover your valuable content with SpeedWorkers

Between the size, complexity, and speed of large websites, search engines simply cannot crawl all of your content. Search engines must make choices on what to crawl, especially for Javascript-heavy websites, and as a result, they may miss critical parts of a site in the process.

SpeedWorkers is our search experience manager, the smartest way to ensure your website content is properly found by search engines at the right speed and scale. SpeedWorkers serves fully-rendered pages to search engines, eliminating the time-intensive process that search bots typically go through. Fully-rendered pages are faster to read, meaning more of your content can be crawled, indexed, and ultimately drive value for your business.

With SpeedWorkers, you can guarantee fast delivery of your web pages, and define quality controls to validate that your content and pages are delivering precisely what you want them to deliver. Using it also controls the load on your website, enabling efficient use of server capacity and freeing up server resources for website visitors. By identifying your most valuable content and accelerating content discovery, you can drive more growth for your brand.

Using SpeedWorkers, a leading big box retailer saw a 30% increase in active pages driving traffic to their website and 94% more unique URLs crawled. In addition, these improvements led to a 26 percentage point growth in non-branded traffic YoY.

Another client in the global athletic retail space saw a 58% increase in non-branded traffic following the implementation of SpeedWorkers – equating to $9 million in incremental revenue gain.

Learn more about SpeedWorkers

Activate optimizations within minutes, and at scale, with PageWorkers

Scaling optimizations across thousands of pages is a massive task, even for the largest of SEO teams and engineering organizations. With over ⅔ of optimizations taking more than a month to be implemented, change can feel slow, resulting in risk of subpar user experience and diminished search presence.

With Botify Activation’s PageWorkers, we’ve built a suite of automation tools to enable you to make organic search changes to your website at scale (without needing to solely rely on your engineering team). These tools allow you to own the end-to-end optimization process, so you can quickly resolve your organic search backlog and test new tactics. By easily conducting tests, you can quickly understand what changes drive the greatest impact on your organic search presence, especially when it comes to visibility and user experience.

PageWorkers helps organic search teams make critical optimizations, straight from the Botify platform. With Botify Activation, you’ll have the ability to implement 70% of organic search optimizations, including implementing redirects, meta tags, links, titles and descriptions, and custom HTML – just to name a few. Optimizations that previously might have taken months or years will take only minutes, helping you to keep up with fast-changing consumer behavior and evolving website needs.

For one leading luxury cosmetics brand, implementing search optimizations was tough with limited bandwidth, only allowing them to make 2 organic search optimizations each year. With the help of PageWorkers, they activated 23 optimizations over 6 months without any work from their engineers.

Another client in the global cosmetics space was in a similar boat, looking to overcome their engineering bandwidth challenges. By leveraging PageWorkers across 14 websites, they were able to activate around 75 optimizations in just two weeks, reducing SEO costs by 10x as previous implementations often took 6 months to a year.

Learn more about PageWorkers

Generate sitemaps with ease with FastIndex

Getting your content indexed fast can often feel daunting. Search engines crawl and recrawl content at their own pace and on their own schedule. But what if you could influence what search bots do by telling them directly what to look at?

FastIndex allows you to quickly and easily submit new, updated, and other important pages to search engines for indexing, ensuring none of their critical content is ever hidden. You’ll be able to generate sitemaps quickly to communicate to search engines which parts of your website matter most.

We’re so excited to see how you leverage Botify Activation to accelerate your traffic and revenue growth. Stay tuned for exciting launches later this year within the suite to help you grow your organic search presence and scale your search projects even further.

Interested in finding out more on how you can boost your organic search performance with Botify Activation? Contact your Customer Success Manager or contact us today.

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