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Trendyol Leverages SEO Tools for Better Indexing, Higher Sales

96 %

Reduction of thin listing pages

21 %

Increase of indexable URLs crawled by Google

78 %

Decrease in URLs with 1 follow inlink


Trendyol, a leading e-commerce company in Turkey, Europe, Azerbaijan, and the Gulf region, faced a significant challenge in maximizing its online presence in many new countries. They needed to ensure all valuable listing pages were indexed properly.


Trendyol’s primary challenge lay in its vast number of URLs that needed to be discovered and indexed properly by search engines. This issue was crucial for Trendyol, as better indexing directly correlates to increased consumer visibility and higher sales and revenue.


The Trendyol SEO Team turned to the comprehensive crawling capabilities of Botify Analytics to tackle this challenge. Botify’s sophisticated tools provided insights into the website’s overall performance to help discover critical areas for improvement. Trendyol leveraged the resulting findings to develop a multi-faceted approach with Botify.

Enhancing Crawl Rates: Trendyol now was able to understand which listing pages were being indexed and which weren’t by using Botify’s SiteCrawler. 

This insight allowed them to prioritize improving the crawl rates of essential pages first. 

Reducing Page Similarity: Trendyol also discovered that having too many similar pages was one of the most prominent reasons why its pages were not indexed. So the SEO team focused on reducing the site’s similar page ratio and making each page stand out. They used Botify to come up with a list by using a similarity filter score to discover and work on these pages.

Increasing  Inlink  Counts:  The  Trendyol  SEO team  also  worked  on  increasing  the  number of  internal  links  to  impor tant  listing  pages. By  using  various  and  helpful  inlink  filters from  Botify,  they  created  URL  lists  for prioritization.  This  strategy  helped  in distributing  page  authority  throughout  the site,  making  it  easier  for  search  engines  to discover and index these pages. 

“Botify is our go-to tool to check daily site health daily, and long-term content improvement metrics. We can solve complex issues easily.”

SEO Team, at Trendyol


Botify greatly enhanced Trendyol’s ability to see metrics on specific page types, segments, and uncover hidden opportunities in the vast size of Trendyol’s site, which serves multiple languages. By utilizing Botify features and filters, Trendyol managed to:

    • Find any impactful bugs quickly with Botify smart alerts and quickly gather necessary information to fix.
    • Improve crawlability of important pages by using internal link features and regularly observe their metrics.
    • Decrease thin content or duplicate page count to improve organic visibility of important pages that align with business goals.
    • Have a better understanding of ongoing developments in terms of SEO metrics.
    • Easier communication with other teams using Botify’s easy-to-navigate charts.


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