Companies around the world use Botify for their unique SEO challenges

Increase organic traffic and boost revenue with SEO
analytics tailored to your particular Enterprise needs

Who Uses Botify?

Any team who wants to increase organic traffic - and revenue - on complex, Enterprise-level
websites! From SEO basics to advanced, technical SEO, Botify Analytics is an essential tool for
powerful optimizations.

SEO Teams

SEO Teams

Find the highest-yield opportunities for site optimization.

Get high impact results, save time, and prove effectiveness of SEO efforts.

Marketing & Content Teams

Marketing & Content Teams

Discover the content gaps and opportunities to grow and promote organic traffic through content quality analysis and more important site indicators.

Engineering teams

Engineering Teams

See detailed technical views of the website structure and manipulate data with the Developer’s API. Get clear data needed to make site updates and changes, and see the effects of technical implementations.

C-level Teams

C-level Teams

Increase revenue by identifying missed SEO opportunities. Prioritize projects and make data-driven decisions to take advantage of quick-wins and long-term traffic growth.

Botify drives outstanding results
for our customers


The Invisible Site

In just a matter of weeks, this online Auto Marketplace* increased Google crawl by 19X - up to 9.5% from just 0.5% - and doubled weekly organic visits from 40,000 to 80,000! All it took was a few small site changes, thanks to critical insights from Botify’s Crawler and log analyzer to see exactly how Google was seeing their site (or not seeing it).

* An anonymous case study

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