Testimonial: Search Foresight (ex-Synodiance)

Yann Sauvageon, Head of Expertise


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"As an agency, we need a tool like Botify to perform and streamline analyses on high volumes of pages"

"We are a Search Marketing agency, founded in 1999. We currently have more than 100 corporate customers in France. My role is to represent our expertise, manage it internally, and also to work on R&D, in particular around semantics.

Our decision to choose Botify was very simple. At Synodiance, we have chosen not to develop internal tools. We are no tool developers. When we considered getting a log analyzer and a crawler, we checked what was available on the market, and we quickly opted for Botify. We considered it to be the most efficient and most professional solution available. "

"We mostly have 2 use cases for Botify. First, it helps us run analyses, in particular on large websites (above 15-20,000 URLs) where a “guesstimate” is not enough. We need a tool like Botify to perform analyses on high volume of pages, and streamline the analysis. Second use case is security related: with Botify, we can schedule crawls to analyze a website on a regular basis, and make sure that key SEO elements are well in place.

We were the first agency to use Botify, and the first Botify certified agency as well. We have been partners with Botify for 3 years now. "