Testimonial: Oscaro

Guillaume Limare, Marketing Director


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"Prior to using Botify, we had very partial visibility over Google's crawl"

"As a Marketing Director, I’m in charge of all traffic acquisition, including SEO, which is why we use Botify.

SEO is a very important matter at Oscaro, as we have the largest car parts catalog worldwide, with 400,000 references and a lot of combinations. This gives us a very large catalog, important long tail traffic, and a lot of pages to get indexed. We use Botify Log Analyzer to identify strengths and weaknesses, which helps us build action plans to improve our SEO"

"Prior to using Botify, we had very partial visibility over Google’s crawl. We did not understand well how the search engine behaved, and which pages were indexed. From my previous experience, log analysis was only meant for very technical people.

Botify enabled us to get our hands on this data, to understand Google’s crawl and behavior on our pages, and where improvement is needed. It also provides us with easy-to-read dashboards for all people involved in audience acquisition at any level, and metrics that are easy to understand such as Active Pages ratio, that we monitor on a daily basis thanks to Botify.

We couldn’t do without Botify, as it provides access to a technology that we couldn’t have in-house without having to hire and train people. This technology is constantly updated as it is cloud-based, and customer service is perfect."