Testimonial: Evaneos

Jérôme Schorgen, SEO Manager


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"If I couldn't use Botify anymore, I would feel like I'm navigating blindfolded"

"Evaneos is a platform that connects travelers with local travel agencies, selected all around the world by our team, in order to build custom travel packages for our customers.

My role at Evaneos is to ensure our visibility on search engines for the brand’s websites. We need to keep acquiring new visitors all the time, and the most profitable way to do that is through organic traffic. This involves having strong online visibility to keep attracting travelers to our website.

I use Botify Analytics to monitor our websites’ health. I crawl all our websites on a regular basis, and I send detailed reports to marketing managers in each market, so they can take action."

"I also segment the website to check and optimize some specific categories of pages. I have access to the browser plugin, allowing me to aggregate all data from each crawl, and check thinks like internal linking directly from our website, to make sure each page is working properly and will rank well.

Botify Analytics saves time, as it allows me to access data very quickly, through an easy to read, easy to use, and very segmented interface. This helps identifying and separating each indicator, to quickly get very detailed information and detect optimization opportunities.

Without Botify, my job would be more difficult. Once you start using it, you can really act with visibility. If I couldn't use Botify anymore, I would feel like I'm navigating blindfolded, and I woudn’t be so sure about the decisions I’m making, and what needs to be done."