Testimonial: Acronym

Winston Burton, VP of SEO


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"Botify is really the enterprise-level software solution we were looking for to help us crawl websites and segment the data to make sure we're building high-quality content."

"The thing we like about it is the speed. We deal with millions of pages. To be able to crawl a website and to actually be able to set a specific crawl rate, that's really meaningful for us. And the insights that come out of the data have really been great. We're a data-driven company.

Another thing about Botify is the data segmentation.

Allowing us to segment the data and get into the granular level interest of the data is one of our deciding factors as well. Because no other platform allowed us to do that.

From our perspective, clients like really simple things. One of the things that we love about Botify is that the graphs are really intuitive. You don't have to be an SEO expert to understand what the story and the data is about."

"The recurrence is great. We can set up recurring crawls and compare and contrast how we're trending month over month. And see if those recommendations that we're putting together for our client are having a meaningful impact.

Botify, I would highly recommend it. It's definitely a great solution, specifically if you're dealing with large, enterprise-level sites.

Botify gives us the insights and data we need to make actionable and data-driven recommendations in order to improve our clients' results."