Crush Your Technical SEO

Technical SEO has never been so critical to the organic search process.

Discover how the world's leading SEO crawler and log analyzer can help you get the most of it.

Optimize Your Crawl Budget

While crawling is the main priority of search engines, Google still ignores 40% of your content. The search giant made it official: SEOs should optimize their crawl budget if they want to maximize their chances to get ranked. Botify applications measure all the critical aspects that can potentially impact your crawling and indexing performance.

Render JavaScript in SEO Analysis

Desktop and mobile websites now heavily rely on JavaScript, making it essential for SEOs to be able to evaluate JS's potential impact on crawling and indexing.

Botify now makes it possible to optimize how your links and content are going to be rendered, and how it impacts your SEO performance.

Ace Your Website Migrations

Migrating a website is always a sensible SEO topic that can drive your search strategy to new heights. Botify makes the process easy with versioning analytics dedicated to release, mobile, or HTTPS projects. Validating and securing new project launches for search engines is now automatized thanks to our pre-production crawling capacities and release management feature that's accessible to any stakeholder.

Tackle your Internal Linking

Use the power of your internal linking to make search engines bots focus only on content with the potential to rank and drive revenue.

Minimize depth, clean broken links, optimize your anchor texts, and allocate internal PageRank to value your most strategic content.

Control the power of technical SEO

Whatever the scale of your digital assets, Botify gives you the data, tools, and diagnostics to create and maintain high quality digital assets for search engines. Discover how.

Assure Search Engine Compliance

Ensure that all your pages - desktop, mobile, and AMP - are eligible to be served in search and compliant with all guidelines.

Eliminate HTTP Status Errors

Boost indexation. Identify and remove broken links to root out HTTP errors.

Generate Optimized Sitemaps

Automatically generate sitemaps that bolster strategic pages and influence the way search robots crawl your site.

Reduce Performance Delays

Uncover and fix performance delays that disrupt the user experience and negatively impact rankings.

Ensure Crawl of Strategic Pages

Influence search engines to crawl your site's more important pages, while de-emphasizing or ignoring low value content.

Implement Canonical Strategies

Set up a proper canonical strategy and evaluate your content parity by crawling the mobile, desktop and AMP versions of your websites.

Crush your technical SEO! Build high quality digital assets that bolster organic growth.
WebinarWhy NOW is the Time to Optimize your Structured Data

Google recently released a Rich Results Testing Tool to help webmasters understand what pages can generate rich results, based on their structured data implementation.

This new tool, coming from the search giant, is just one of the many recent affirmations of structured data’s continued and growing importance to search optimization in 2018 and beyond.

But why is structured data important to search? How does it impact your SEO strategy? And most importantly, what can you do to optimize structured data and maximize your potential in the SERPs? Watch our on-demand webinar to find out.