What Information Do You Get With Botify?

How to Remove Redirect Chains
Step-by-step guide: Export your to-do list to remove redirects chains from your website.
Auditing Accelerated Mobile Pages With Botify
Google's mobile-first index is already being tested and you’re ready. You've improved your mobile page speed and started publishing AMP HTML versions of your pages. Now what? Assuming you’ve validated your AMP HTML code, here are some other ways to make sure everything is going as expected. See examples based on a U.S.-based enterprise publisher with more than 60% of its organic traffic coming from mobile devices.
Search engines crawl and organic visits (logs files analysis)
If you provide Botify with your web server's logs data, you'll find out how everything you need to know about Google's crawl behavior on your website - Google, and other search engines.
Content Quality
Assess content size, uniqueness, and more to identify areas on your website that don't meet content quality criteria that matter for search engine robots and users alike. And monitor content changes.
The Botify Chrome Plugin
Display SEO indicators from your latest Botify analysis, while browsing your website.
Internal Linking and Pagerank Indicators
All about incoming and outgoing links, and Internal Pagerank.
Metrics tables
Convenient for decision making and monitoring: create metrics tables to get everything you want in the same view. Decide how to group pages into lines, and what to show in columns - display any selection of indicators, or choose just one and show a trend line over time.