Internal Linking and Pagerank Indicators

Internal Links

Internal Pagerank
What's the Internal Pagerank and why is it important?

The Internal Pagerank is the Pagerank computed considering only pages in your analysis scope (pages crawled by Botify), as opposed to the standard pagerank used by search engines which takes into account the entire web - or the part of the web they have visibility over. In other words, the Internal Pagerank indicates how your website's Pagerank is distributed within your website. It shows where your website's link juice flows to: regardless of how much Pagerank your website receives from other websites, you can find out where Pagerank is concentrated on your website, and check if pages your website structure present as important through your internal linking structure (reflected by the Internal Pagerank) are indeed your important pages.

Where can I see Internal Pagerank information in the report?

You can see the distribution of Internal Pagerank by depth in the Distribution section of the report:

Internal Pagerank is also of course available in the URL Explorer, through the following fields:

  • Internal Pagerank
  • Internal Pagerank Position
  • Raw Internal Pagerank
Read more on these fields and what they represent. As all data fields, they can be used to filter the list of URLs, and as displayed fields (coumns) in the results table. To display them, click on "+", start typing "Pagerank", and select the indicator:

Here are all 3 fields displayed:

What does a difference of 1 point in the Internal Pagerank score mean?

If a page has an Internal Page rank which is 1 point higher than another page (9 vs 8 or 6 vs 5 for instance), it means it has roughly 10 times more Internal Pagrank than this other page.

What's the difference between Internal Pagerank, Internal Pagerank Position and Raw Internal Pagerank?
  • Internal Pagerank: A score between 0 and 10, with one decimal. As it is not dependant on the number of pages in the analysis, it can be used to compare pages between different websites.
  • Internal Pagerank Position: Ranking among all analyzed URLs, based on the Raw Internal Pagerank (more specifially, on the Raw Internal Pagerank, as pages with the same Internal Pagerank - which is a range - will probably have a different Raw Internal Pagerank, which is more precise).
  • Raw Internal Pagerank: The individual Pagerank value used by Botify to calculate the Internal Pagerank and the internal Pagerank Position (which are more human-readable metrics). It is the percentage of Internal Pagerank received by a page: the total of Raw Internal Pagerank values for all pages in the analysis is 1. This means that Raw Internal Pagerank can be summed up for a subset of pages to indicate how much Internal Pagerank a website section receives (while an Internal Pagerank average or Internal Pagerank Position average would not be meaningful).