GSC vs. Scraping: Go Beyond Rankings

Real Queries, Real Results

In this webinar, we’ll highlight how real ranking solutions such as Google Search Console can – unlike scraping – generate actionable SEO insights that translate into higher traffic, more conversions, and boosted revenue, when paired with the right tool.

See actual use cases in the Botify platform, such as:

  • Finding trends & traffic opportunities, by segment and by page (clicks, missed clicks, impressions)
  • Optimizing top URLs through keyword analysis by segmentation
  • Boosting on-page keyword optimization, at scale (HTML tags, title, meta description, h1)
  • Bolstering lists of top keywords, including those not provided
  • Identifying and correcting structural problems causing bad rankings (high depth, low PageRank, PERF delay)
  • Tracking performance by device to optimize content for search behavior

Track the habits of your audience, analyze user behavior that defines key actions such as purchasing, and tie real rankings to the most advanced technical SEO insights.

Position your content, business model, and digital assets for success with GSC’s contextualized user queries and Botify’s depth of analysis. Go beyond the ranking and see the totality of your possibilities.

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Search Data Strategist